It’s Our Anniversary!

It’s Our Anniversary!

A year ago today, we waved goodbye to our home on Red Sunset Drive in Decatur, Alabama...and drove down the block. We certainly planned to log a few more miles that first day, but we took the first step into our new life and haven't looked back.
Our life had reached a level of chaos usually reserved for a national state of emergency as our oldest was heading off to college at 13 nearly 800 miles away, our house was up for sale and we had plans to move "someplace" without any solid job offers. After shelling out several thousand dollars for fresh paint and new carpet, it became painfully clear that we needed to remove our toddlers from the home if it were to remain marketable. In a fit of frustration mixed with wanderlust, the idea of heading out in an RV to venture into our future emerged. Two chefs, a teenager, two toddlers and a curmudgeonly old dog roaming the continental US in search of great times and great BBQ- "Carnies Traveling Meat Circus" was born!
A stroke of genius! And, it was in many ways-it still is, but we could never have anticipated all of the challenges, adjustments, wild experiences and overwhelming support of this past year's adventure. Ken had never even driven an RV. I rented a Class C one once about eight years ago. We went out and bought a 43' fifth wheel that weighs roughly 14,000 lbs. when it's empty, having never so much as camped together. Our seemingly rugged 2500 Silverado coughed it's way back home from London, KY where we purchased our land yacht. So, in addition to our new rig, we had to upgrade to a 3500 Ram to tow the beast. Minor setbacks in a major operation. Ok, we had some other setbacks:
The Adventure Begins...Maybe

Monday, July 11th, 2016, we were hellbent on reaching Pigeon Forge. We had a wedding to attend in Maine that Friday, and the itinerary was already ambitious. Packing, packing, cleaning, cleaning, trash, more trash...ok, Chattanooga. Let's AT LEAST make it to Chattanooga tonight. I had forgotten a few things on the back porch I needed to haul out to the curb. Feeling Herculean, I picked up Johnny Cash's (our dog) igloo house thingy with one hand, and swiftly whacked it into my left big toe. The nail was mostly off, but I refused to waste time on the walk-in clinic. A few shots and a couple of Codeine, and I finished it off, bandaged it up and we resigned ourselves to leaving in the morning.

With all of our furnishings crammed into two PODS and a freshly cleaned house, the RV would be our accommodations for the night. In a stroke of good luck and possibly some pity, our neighbor down the block offered us curbside 30-amp service for the night. While we didn't go but maybe 300 feet, we did set out on our adventure and spent the first night of our trip in the camper. So, today we celebrate our first anniversary. Cheers!
Here is Ken's recap of Day 1-Like, for real, we are REALLY leaving now.

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