It’s an Official Circus

It’s an Official Circus

carnies rv

Carnies is now officially a “traveling” meat circus! We pulled out of Decatur on Tuesday, and we have survived the trek up to Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, logging over 1500 miles in four days. We have survived by the grace of God, iPads, caffeine and hot dogs. Truth be told, Maya and Obi behave like seasoned vets of the road…only with teeny, tiny bladders. Fortunately, we have a massive potty in tow.

Our inaugural meatventure was a stop at Yocco’s in Allentown, PA, for a double dog “everything on” and some pierogies. Even Johnny Cash agreed that Yocco’s serves up a solid dog, nice and snappy with chili sauce. For dessert, we headed East about thirty miles to Easton for another hot dog at Jimmy’s. Mustard, chopped onion and a pickle spear cozy up next to a fried dog on a steamed bun. Totally worth the sickening fullness, especially at a whopping $1.15 a piece. We recommend at least two.

This past Tuesday, our first video for KOA’s Tasty Tuesdays made its debut. In case you missed it, you can see it on the KOA Facebook page. Carnies was also featured in KOA’s blog last week/  We have partnered with KOA to produce twelve biweekly cooking videos, so keep an eye out on Ken Hess BBQ on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter @KenHessBBQ #Carnies #TravelingMeatCircus.

On Sunday, we will be heading to Orchard Beach, ME to hang out with 2011 Jack Daniels’ Champs, Smoking Hogz BBQ. We ran into Bill and Shawn Gillespie while filling up the truck at a rest area in southern Maine when Bill spotted our logo on the back of the RV. Only in BBQ! Can’t wait to eat some world class barbecue and spend time with #bbqfamily!

The rest of the week will be a push to get to Atlanta for this Friday, where Ken is teaching a competition BBQ class at Big Green Egg’s Culinary Center. If you are in the area, there are a few spaces left, so sign up before it’s too late. We met a lovely couple from Arizona visiting their family our first night out at the Bristol/Kingsport KOA in Blountville, TN, and they will be flying into Atlanta next weekend just for the class!

We’d like to thank our friends at Hammer Stahl Cutlery for an arsenal of new pans for the RV-they’re gorgeous! Also, it looks like Savory Spice Shop in Denver, CO, has made the itinerary for mid-August! We are like kids in a candy store when it comes to spices, so expect us to geek out a little while we’re there.

This journey has only just begun, and we are humbled by everyone’s support and encouragement.

We hope to see you at the Circus!

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